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Our mission

Is your goal to fulfill yourself in sports challenges or to stand on a podium during a competition? Our program is a complete sports training system, and our goal is to develop a sporting potential among amateurs and professionals.

Zdzisław Szubski – a trainer of many participants of the Olympics, and medalists of the World and Europe Championships, Pan American Games and the Mediterranean Games.

What YOU get on

The Training Program?

The basic method for muscle gain in reference to stamina is a SYSTEMATIC PHYSICAL TRAINING.

It’s easy, but analyzing the complex process of developing the structure of our body, in terms of posture and health.

What is STRETCHING? It regulates breathing and loosens the muscles at the same time.

A mental preparation is the mobilization for physical effort, during a competition or training – which can often be more exhausting than competitions.

The most important element of a healthy lifestyle for all people, regardless whether they conduct physical effort or not.

Motivation is a comprehensive factor to live. Needed in all aspects of life, and especially during physical effort.

A Sound Mind

In a Sound Body.

Time is needed to achieve difficult goals. To achieve the impossible, a little more time is needed.

Our Athletes

  • Sebastian Szubski
    Sebastian Szubski Poland

    An olympian at the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games, repeatedly participated in the World Championships, won multiple medals in international competitions, is a holder of the k20 record in the Guinness Book of Records, a silver medalist at the PAN AMERICAN GAMES, San Domingo 2003, a Crossfit trainer.

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia Portugal

    Vice World Champion, a finalist at the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games (K1 1000 VI), a repeated finalist of the World Championships.

  • Sebastian Cuattrin
    Sebastian Cuattrin Brazil

    An Olympic Games finalist, Atlanta 1996 (K1 1000 VIII), 4 times competitor at the Olympic Games (1992/2004) a repeated finalist of the World Championships, a repeated medalist at the PAN AMERICAN GAMES.

  • Andreas Kiligkaridis
    Andreas Kiligkaridis Greece

    Competed 3 times in the Olympics (2000 / 2008), a repeated finalist of the World Championships, a receiver of medals at the World Cup, C1 1000 m

  • Johnnathan Tafra
    Johnnathan Tafra Chile

    Competed multiple times in the World Championships, a medalist at the PAN AMERICAN GAMES, won many medals in world class competitions.

  • Eddie Montanez
    Eddie Montanez Puerto Rico

    Repeatedly participated in the World Championships. Moscow 2014, K1 200 m IV, a medalist of the Duisburg World Cup 2015.

  • Paulo Jose Meyer Ferreira
    Paulo Jose Meyer Ferreira Brazil

    A participant of the Fran-Am Series competition in the USA, a participant at the Pan-America Formula 3 championship,  4th place in Rafaela Argentina, a participant and medalist of many Formula 3 Championships (2003 – 2008) in South America.

Zdzisław Szubski

Proven Results.


3 times Guinness Book of Records record holder (K1, K2, K20)


4 times medalist at the World Championships (1977 – 1981)


5 times participant at the Pan American Games and the Mediterranean Games


A competitor and trainer of 6 national representations


7 times participant in the Olympic Games (1980 – 2008)


30 times participant in the World and Europe Championships (1977 – 2015)

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